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Sweet Treats and Fresh Bread by Chef Jen: Valentine’s Treats For Two

Sweet Treats and Fresh Bread by Chef Jen: Valentine’s Treats For Two

Hellbent on a mission to increase the world’s happiness with carbs, Pastry Chef Jen Ungberg has been making Atlas a little bit sweeter since August of 2017.  Jen has been making her way into people’s hearts with sweet treats and fresh baked comfort eats since childhood.  She attributes her love of baking to the wonderful memories of baking with her grandmother, and of course because the “smell of fresh baked bread is totally irresistible to anyone with a soul”.

This native local brings over 23 years of professional baking experience to Atlas.  Chef Jen has proudly been a mainstay of various iconic vendors over the years including The ABC Cafe, Bistro Q, Americana Vineyards, and Just Desserts, where she began her self-guided career under mentor Leslie Muhlhahn.

If the old saying, you are what you eat, holds true, Jen would be a big slice of her all-time, all-American, favorite treat, freshly made pie.  However, when it comes to her favorite thing to bake for others, her passion lies in artisanal breads.  When asked why she likes baking bread so much, Jen’s response is telling…simply stated she loves the process and detail of making breads ”because they’re alive and need tending to”.  Artisan bread making is a specialty craft requiring a fine-tuned set of skills and knowledge, akin to fine wine and cheese making, making Chef Jen’s hand-made loaves the  perfect addition to Atlas’s portfolio of local Finger Lakes producers.

Chef Jen is true to the words of Anthony Trollope, “don’t let love interfere with your appetite”.  In fact, she brilliantly has ensured that love will only increase her appetite.  For years she has worked side-by-side her partner (and Atlas Sous Chef) Lindsey Freeman.  This power kitchen couple has been a welcome addition to the Atlas team, and we look forward to learning from and further cultivating their creative synchronicity!

This Valentine’s Day Chef Jen will be serving up a selection of hand-crafted, specialty desserts for two that put a spin on the classics.  Chocolate lovers can skip the mass produced heart-shaped boxes this year and indulge in her dark & white chocolate cheesecake duo.  For those looking for something a little lighter she is blending fresh fruits and citrus flavor with a vanilla pot de creme.  For the old-school yet wild, try the Chef’s selected dessert, toasted hazelnut sponge cake with espresso cream anglaise and brown butter cookie crunch.

Join us Valentine’s week to meet Chef Jen and taste the best she has to offer!

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