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Farmstand to Fork 2018: Chef Brit’s Tips for the Farmer’s Market

Farmstand to Fork 2018: Chef Brit’s Tips for the Farmer’s Market

The Locavore Special will be returning to Atlas beginning Wednesday, May 16, 2018.  Each week Chef Brittany Loughlin shops at the local community farmer’s market, and then creates a dish utilizing the purchased local goods of the day.  In just two hours, the locavore special goes from farmstead to fork!  This weekly event is one of many ways Atlas supports locally sourced farmers and producers, and the Trumansburg Farmer’s Market.


As Chef Brit begins the 2018 Trumansburg Farmer’s Market season, she is offering some advice to market goers:

Shop Early – The best produce goes fast so get to the market early for the best selection. Particularly at our local market, we have small producers who enjoy trying new crops.  These items are often in limited supply.

Buy Smiles – People who love what they do produce great food!  There is something beautiful in someone’s passion for what they do.  You can literally taste the difference.  I love to learn about how their lives impact the produce and their moves dictate what they are planting.

Build Relationships – Building relationships with local vendors can lead to beautiful things.  One of our favorite farms often brings one or two new items just for me to try & experiment with.  This relationship is mutually beneficial because I get to taste beautiful new items and they get to test drive new recipes.  For the best cuts of meat, befriend your local butcher.  For the finest bread selections, pre-order from the baker.

Plan Your Dishes Seasonally – Set expectations in accordance with the growing season for best results.  This year we are waiting to kick-off the 2018 local special until the second week of the Farmer’s Market so we have time to connect with vendors and develop an understanding of anticipated crop and raw good availability for the season.


We are looking forward to sharing just how delicious the Trumansburg community is with the Locavore Special this spring and summer.   For more sneak peeks and past Locavore successes follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

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