New York Bowling

Bowling With My Crew

Looking for things to do without breaking the bank?

Try Bowling With My Crew – Every Monday and Tuesday during July and August!

Rally a friend or two to join you for some casual fun through the summer season and bowl two games for just $5!




What is Bowling with my Crew?

Sign up for bowling on Monday or Tuesday and come on down and bowl on your day.

How do I sign up for Bowling With My Crew?

Sign-up by coming in any Monday or Tuesday and letting us know you want to join Bowling with my Crew!  The only information we require is a valid email address for the members of your Crew.

How many games can I roll with my Crew?

Each member of your crew bowls two games (a third game can be added for an additional $3).

How much does Bowling With My Crew Cost?

Each bowler pays just $5 (shoe rentals $1). There is no deposit or sign-up fee.

How big of a Crew can I come with?

There is no limit to your crew size, however, you will be limited to 6 people per lane maximum.  If your Crew is over 6 people you can split up between multiple lanes as available.

Want to practice without your Crew?  No problem, one you sign up anyone can come bowl at the Crew rate whether they come alone or with friends!


When can my Crew bowl?

Simply show up anytime after 4pm Monday/Tuesday to bowl your two games.

Who can be on my Crew?

Anyone who has interest in bowling two games a week. Crews can be families rolling while enjoying dinner, friends having cocktails, you name it!

Is Bowling With My Crew a competitive league?

Not at all. Atlas will collect score sheets with the sole purpose of tracking your progress. We will post your average and develop a handicap for you. All of this can be ignored if you just wanna smash pins!

What if I miss a week?

No big deal. This is a casual good time with friends and family.